• Static Instagram Giveaway Post – Shared to Story 
  • Recipe Instagram Reel – Shared to Story
  • Instagram Static Recipe Post + Unique Instagram Story (multiple slides or video)
  • Instagram Carousel Post (Minimum Three Images) – Shared to Story
  • Unique Recipe Development – Develop your own recipe with Bake Believe as the star ingredient, share to your Instagram as a feed post and Story in whatever you think best showcases your recipe

*Please send all photos/video via Google Drive to [email protected] after completion each month.

*Please capture Instagram story analytics via screenshot and send to [email protected] when they’ve reached the 24 hour period. Please capture native Instagram Reels data analytics screenshot and send to [email protected] during the last week of the month. 

What You Need to Know

All agreed-upon content should be published within the agreed-upon month with below hashtags & tags and your unique discount code for followers.

Include in Every Post & Story


Photo/Video Requirements

View our recipes page!

  • More authentic, in-action using BB recipes
  • No pictures with competitors in the shot
  • No posts of competitors right before or right after on feed
  • Use natural light, or bright lights — no dimly-lit shots
  • We are looking for more editorialized photography for products shots & photos with action when you are in the photo (see examples below)
  • We want to see you, but we want to see our products more — please take photos and videos with that in mind.
  • Make sure labels are clearly visible
  • Photo examples:



  • Available online, select Walmart stores throughout the US & Amazon.
  • Link in profile/Swipe Up – 
  • Family-owned company that makes no sugar added, all-natural, non-GMO, allergen-free, Stevia-sweetened, GF, Kosher & Keto products
  • Baking sweet memories and/or Say hello to better baking
  • Follow @LetsBakeBelieve’s Instagram

Compensation Guidelines 

Please make the invoice out to Bake Believe once all work is completed and email it to [email protected] 

  • Invoice must include: Full name, Instagram handle, mailing address, work agreed upon, PayPal info, and payment agreed upon
  • Payments will be paid via PayPal within Net 14 days from invoicing or by the end of the corresponding month

Bake Believe Influencer Checklist

We are excited to have you as one of our influencers! As we collaborate together, we’ve put together this short checklist to ensure we both are on the same page.

Step 1: Now that you’ve decided to work with us, please register to receive your items by filling out this form:

Step 2: You’ll receive the items usually within a week from the order date if sent on a business day. 

Step 3: Plan out your content & take photos [refer to photo & copy sections above].

Step 4: Send your draft photos and captions via Google Drive to [email protected] before publishing for approval.

Step 5: Once approved, publish your content before the end of each corresponding month

Step 6: Send all of your post links to [email protected], when publishing is complete.

Step 7: After all content is published, please see compensation guidelines above for payment.